Your Trusted Wooden Pallet Manufacturer in Malaysia

Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd is a successful company which supplies high quality wooden packaging products to meet a wide range of specifications. Established in 2006, Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd is based in Sungai Gadut, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Among these few years, Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd has positioned itself over the years as one of the reliable manufacturers of wooden pallets, wooden crates, wooden cable drum wooden boxes and sawdust blocks. All the products that manufactured by Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd are custom made to meet all of our customer specific requirement and size.

Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd takes great care in providing customers with products which fully meet customers’ requirements. We have affiliated ourselves with Malaysian Wood Industries Association (MWIA), it is a national association representing the wood-based industries in Malaysia and oversee our pursuit to raise the profile of Malaysia wood-based products not only locally but also globally.

QUALITY is the main concern and hallmark of the timber products for Mega Teamway. We build products from high grade wood for strength and durability. This will provide maximum safety of the products during transport and storage, and create a long-lasting timber product that goes the distance. Success in the wood-based products industry is not all about understanding changing market demands and environmental conditions. It is also about dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to constantly produced QUALITY products and timely delivery. That’s why we always focused on enhancing our ability in order to deliver the best products and services to our customers. Over the years, we’ve earned a good reputation for supplying quality products in the industry, which thereby making us as one of Malaysia’s best pallet manufacturers.

Your Reliable Wood Pallets & Cable Drums Manufacturer in Malaysia
Your Reliable Wood Pallets & Cable Drums Manufacturer in Malaysia

Our Mission

  • Continuously provide the best product and service to our customer.
  • Competitive, productive and always ready to serve our customer.
  • To maintain as one of the best quality pallets, cable drum, crates and sawdust block company.
  • We grow with the market in order to provide the good service and quality product expecting from us.


  • IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention): Heat treatment services for the export of wooden finish products according to Department of Agriculture.
  • BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015: To standardize the Quality Management System in an organization.
  • BUSINESS ECO-PARTNER (Appreciation Certification): This certificate fulfilled the Samsung Electronics Standards for control of substances with environmental impacts within products, and has established stable environment quality control system.

Malaysia’s Reliable Manufacturer for Quality Pallets

Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd (MTW) specializes in customizing wooden pallets, wooden crates, and wooden cable drums following customers' specifications. The strong manufacturing based of MTW allows us to provide competitive price in the market. QUALITY and customers' satisfaction is always our main priority.


Quality Policy

Being a customer-centric organization, Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd is committed to develop, produce and deliver competitive products that meet customer requirements.

This is supported by a progressive management approach that encourages Quality culture throughout MTW where all employees will continuously strive for excellence in quality, productivity and service through continual improvement of our operation and Quality Management System’s effectiveness.


  • Wooden Pallets, Plywood Pallets, Pine Wood Pallets & LVL Pallets
  • Wooden & Plywood Cable Drum
  • Wooden, Plywood & LVL Crates & Boxes
  • Timber Components
  • Sawn Timber
  • Sawdust Block
  • Others Wooden Packaging Products

Facilities & Services

  • Heat Treatment
    In order to comply with the export regulations on “Wood Packaging Materials”, MTW provides Heat Treatment services according to the ISPM 15 standard (International Standard Phytosanitary Measure for Wood Packaging). IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention, on the wooden pallets or wooden packaging products as set forth in the guidelines issued by the Department Agriculture in Malaysia. Our allocated certification mark for stamping on all heat-treated wooden packaging products is “MY-060HT”. The treated wooden packaging products will be kept in the Green Zone and separated from non-treated products.
  • Fumigation (Chemical Treatment Services)
    Chemicals such as methyl bromide shall be use for fumigation. This service is available upon request by customer in one week in advance as the chemical shall need approval from Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia. Fumigation proceed shall be completed at least 24 hours. A stamp of the IPPC will be stamp by their officer after completion. This process is to kill all the living insects big or small even a small tiny larva will not be survived.
  • Spraying Line
    We provide spraying services for the pallets or wooden packaging products as some of our customers required their products to be spray with certain colour code.
  • Klin Drying
    Most of our wooden packaging products are kiln dry and the moisture content is monitored by using MC meter for each batch.
  • Sawmills
    Sawmills are the backbone of MTW to produce wooden packaging products. Each sawmill has its own capacity and strength to support our requirement on the raw materials. Having a Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MITB) License, MTW also exporting sawtimber and pallet component to Japan India and etc.

Wood Sources

  • Local Timber (Mixed Light Hard Wood)
  • Local Plywood (AAA till B2)
  • Imported Timber (Pine Wood, Plywood & LVL)