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Mega Teamway Sdn. Bhd.

First Leading Wooden Pallet Supplier in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Mega Teamway Sdn. Bhd. (MTW) is the first leading wooden pallet supplier in Negeri Sembilan Malaysia, supplying high-quality wooden packaging products to meet a wide range of specifications. Established in 2006, Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd is based in Sungai Gadut, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With an excellent reputation for quality and over 13 years experience in the industry, MTW has successfully positioned itself as one of Malaysia’s most reliable manufacturers of wooden pallets, wooden crates, wooden cable drum wooden boxes and sawdust blocks. Our high level of flexibility ensures that all the products we supply are custom made to meet our customer's specific requirements and sizes. Contact us today to design a pallet suitable for your needs!

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High Quality Steel Sided Crate / Box

In addition to timber pallets, we also provide steel sided boxes or crates which take up minimal storage place. It is fully sealed and no nailing thus it is safe compared to traditional nailed wooden crates. It is flexible and could improve packing efficiency. Also, the steel sided box solution makes the packaging looks standard, tidy and clean!

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Sawdust Block

  • High nail resistance
  • Small space required for storage
  • No drying costs
  • No insect damage
  • True to size with uniform moisture content
  • Ready for installation
  • More efficient production
  • Free fumigation and free quarantine
  • Smooth and clean surface, and good waterproof performance
  • Customized sizes are available
Sawdust Block
Sawdust Block

High-Quality Pallets & Wooden Products Supplier in Malaysia


  • Wooden Pallets, Plywood Pallets, Pine Wood Pallets & LVL Pallets
  • Wooden & Plywood Cable Drum
  • Wooden, Plywood & LVL Crates & Boxes
  • Timber Components
  • Sawn Timber
  • Sawdust Block
  • Others Wooden Packaging Products

Operation Location

  • Negeri Sembilan
  • Melaka
  • Perak


  • IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention): Heat treatment services for the export of wooden finish products according to Department of Agriculture.
  • BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015: To standardize the Quality Management System in an organization.
  • BUSINESS ECO-PARTNER (Appreciation Certification): This certificate fulfilled the Samsung Electronics Standards for control of substances with environmental impacts within products, and has established stable environment quality control system.

Our Product Range

Mega Teamway Sdn Bhd (MTW) is proud to be known as an established supplier in Negeri Sembilan Malaysia, that specializes in customizing wooden pallets, wooden crates, and wooden cable drums following customers' specifications. The strong manufacturing based of MTW also allows us to provide competitive price in the market. At MTW, QUALITY and customers' satisfaction are always our main priority. Hence, you can rest assured that all the things you will get from us are only with high-quality products and world-class customer service. Explore our complete range of products today!


Your Trusted Wooden Pallets & Cable Drums Manufacturer in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

At MTW, our major is to provide our customers with quality wooden pallets and cable drums that can fit all your unique pallet needs. Since the beginning, we have serves thousands of customer young and old, entrepreneurs and business direct and indirect towards pallet and cable drums.

With more than 13 years of experience in the pallet industry, MTW is always focused on continually improving our ability to produce pallets at the most competitive prices and strives to be the best at meeting the customer’s expectations. That’s why MTW is always been rated by our clients as the best pallet manufacturer in Malaysia.

Your Reliable Wood Pallets & Cable Drums Manufacturer in Malaysia